Oh, she’s hilarious, that one is.

Far and away, one of my favorite things about my youngest daughter is that smile she gets when she’s up to mischief. If you’ve met her, you know exactly the smile I’m talking about because it’s the one she’s most likely wearing. I love how genuine that smile is – there’s absolutely nothing artificial or posed about it. I love how Bee’s eyes positively crackle with hilarity. Her skin positively glows electric. There’s no bluffing when she has something up her sleeve.

Of course, one of my other favorite things about that smile is that Bee thinks she’s being so sneaky. She has no idea she’s a horrible bluffer. Or maybe she does and she just doesn’t care. That would also be rather awesome. Typically Bee, which is to say, typically fantastic!

It wasthat smilethat I could hear in Bee’s voice Friday after I had picked the girls up from school. We had a few errands to knock out at Target and we were blaring some car tunes on the way over. In fact, we happened to be listening to “The Time of My Life” – the real version, nothing dirty bit about it – when Bee piped up from the backseat, “Mom! Your cell phone is ringing!”

Perhaps I should mention: that is not my ringtone.

Although, my ringtone happens to be equally awesome. It’s Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” a song the girls are quite familiar with because we listen to the soundtrack to Mama Mia all the time. (What?? We like to dance.) Every time that song comes on, Bee and Gracie will start falling all over themselves, “Mom! Mooooom! Your cell phone is ringing!” And I will pretend to fall for it, pick up the phone, and listen to “GOT YOU!!!” for about twenty minutes. They crack themselves up. (Ahem. I have no idea where they get that…)

So there was, perhaps, context for Bee to be all, “Your phone is ringing!” although why she thought the songs are even similar I have no idea. “That’s not my ringtone!” I told her, laughing at her. How can you not laugh when she’s got that smile on? Unpossible.

“I’m not even fooling, Mom!” The kid could barely talk, she was smiling so hard. “Serious. Serious! Your phone is ringing!” Even Gracie was a bit baffled. What could I do? I picked up my cell phone.


“APRIL FOOL!” Bee yelled from the back seat before she collapsed into giggles.

Godsaveme. It’s going to be a long six weeks.


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2 Responses to “Oh, she’s hilarious, that one is.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So funny! But yes, a VERY long 6 weeks. Maybe you should change your ringtone and trick her. 🙂

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    mmmmm think of it as 6 weeks for plotting to get them! =0D

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