Such great taste! And yet so much to learn.

I rewarded the girls’ behavior this week – a whole week! no drama! – and… Okay, wait. That’s a bunch of b.s. right there. I mean, yes, we did get through the week with minimal drama (and none of it was the girls’ fault) and I was awfully proud of them. But let’s face it – I was rewarding Gracie and Bee’s most excellent taste in music.

You see, I sorta found this Gotye song. And then found the YouTube video and watched it a hundred million times. And then shared it with my sister. I think the two of us might be responsible for at least half the YouTube traffic. After that, the natural thing to do was to download the song and burn it to a cd. There are other songs on the cd, but let’s be honest – we don’t really listen to them. Because once I started listening to the cd in the mornings, the girls started asking to listen to it. It’s awesome: we sing the song at the top of our lungs all the way their dad’s house in the morning, and all the way home in the evenings.

Yes. So. Excellent taste. Gracie asked if she could download some other songs onto her iPod. I told her she could pick three songs to download. Her sister conveniently picked the same three songs. (Sometimes I love copying “coffeeing”.) After we downloaded their horrific choices (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez [meh], and Bridgit Melinder), I let them buzz through some of my recent iTunes additions.

That’s where the “so much to learn” comes into play.

Because oh my gawd, you guys.

I clicked on C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now (Gonna Make You Sweat)” and Gracie was all, “Hey! Michael Jackson!” ::headdesk::

Then, as we cycled through The Muppets soundtrack, we listened to a bit of “We Build This City.” Only Gracie thinks it says, “We built this city on Muppppet Row.” Given the context of how she knows the song, though, maybe that’s not quite as hilarious as I first thought. (Yeah, right.)

And then we watched my new favorite song a few times on YouTube – because as awesome as the original OK Go version of Needing/Getting is, there’s no way it could ever be better than the video version. See? Bee waited until the really hot band members were careening past the electric guitars before she asked, “Mom. Can we get that car?”

If it comes with those guys? Yes, yes we can.


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3 Responses to “Such great taste! And yet so much to learn.”

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  2. Kathy Says:

    Fun! Glad you had a mostly drama free week. Great taste in music and an ear of their own. You have to love that even if you don’t always agree with their music choices. 🙂

  3. Mary Says:

    How cool is that video???!!!

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