Stories of the terrifically toothless.

Bee came home from her dad’s with another front tooth missing – finally. That other bottom tooth has been hanging on by the skinniest of threads for the longest time. It was 10-to-1 and pick’ em whether the tooth was even going to be facing frontwards when Bee smiled that goofy smile at you. So I wasn’t surprised is what I’m saying.


(There’s always a “but…” in my life these days, isn’t there?)

There was more the story. Much more. See, what happened was this: Bee and Gracie were outside playing and taking pictures with Dad and Stepmom. Bee was tumbling down the hill and when her dad stopped her (ahem) downhill progress, the tooth was missing. I imagine there were tears – buckets of them – because Bee said they used flashlights and searched the grass for a long time but could not find the tooth.

“Did the tooth fairy come anyway?” I asked, expecting an exuberant “YES!” and stories of magic and how-did-she-knows to follow.

“No,” came the most pitiful response I have ever heard. She and everyone else forgot or something. There was a sleepover and a bunch of other details that I didn’t quite follow, but the bottom line was that I had Bee, no tooth, and the dire need for the Tooth Fairy. No problemo – Mom’s pretty tight with the Tooth Fairy.

I esplained to Bee that now she’s just one story ahead – everyone has a “missing tooth” story and now she already has hers. And at only 5 years old, too! I told her that when I was younger, I was sitting outside under the canopy having lunch with my family at the picnic table. My mom had made corn-on-the-cob to go with what must have been burgers and hotdogs, and as I was munching on that yummy, nummy buttered corn, my tooth came out. And I accidentally swallowed it. Bee was tickled. Gracie whined that she didn’t have one, and I think that only made Bee feel better.

Buoyed by our stories, Bee was ready to pen her note to the Tooth Fairy. She dictated most of it to me: “Dear Tooth Fairy. I lost my tooth. I was at the park and I was rolling down the hill and then my dad smashed me and I felt the tooth come out on the grass. I couldn’t find it.” Smashed – true story. And Mama didn’t even giggle. (Out loud.) She signed it and stuck it in her pillow case.

And that’s where Superhero Mama comes in, because the Tooth Fairy left her this:

It says, “It’s okay – I found it! Leave it for me tomorrow night. xx<3 <3, the Tooth Fairy.” And if you notice, there’s a tiny little tooth wrapped up in that tulle that’s attached with a pink ribbon.

Which brings me to the moral of my story: For all those moms out there wondering, THAT is why we keep their baby teeth. For emergency substitutions.

Bee was too tired and grouchy (and feeling dollar-less) to make much of the magic involved in getting her flippin’ tooth back, but Gracie’s eyes were pretty wide. I imagine there will be smiles and wonderment tonight when we come home and she rediscovers it. At least there better be – I went to a lot of trouble writing in cursive so certain other daughters wouldn’t notice the handwriting was scarily similar.


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2 Responses to “Stories of the terrifically toothless.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are such a ROCK STAR MOM!! I thought I kept those teeth so I could wonder just when the kids would find them. Silly me!

  2. Gayle Says:

    You are the best mom! I love this!

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