Who are these little people? And what have they done with my children?

Gracie and Bee’s tastes, as far as food goes, has changed a bit over the years. But change has been gradual.

For instance, Bee used to be famous for what we called her alien gag reflex – even baby cereal had too much texture for her for the longest time. Any hint of texture and BLERGH – up it came. Gradually she worked her way into a very narrow selection of table foods. Then she went through a bland phase. There was that time when she wouldn’t eat hot dogs. She was what I would call a calm and predictable eater: traditional foods only, please. She left the daring and adventurous eating (or testing, at least) to her sister. And that was fine.

Then one day, I’m not sure when, Bee became my veggie eater. She will eat probably 10 times the variety of veggies than her sister. She clears her plate when I make curry stir frys. Gracie will pick at it, but she prefers hot wings or chips and salsa if we’re doing spicy foods. Bee was peer-pressured into liking hot dogs at a school party. Gracie started eating soups, too. In other words: their palettes had expanded, but predictably so.

And then. Then my little darlings decided to give up nearly all the stand-bys. If I don’t have fresh veggies on hand (usually by the end of the week when we’re staving off a grocery run), I could always rely on cherry tomatoes to fulfill Bee’s veggie requirement. Yesterday, Bee told me she doesn’t like tomatoes. ?!  She who had to be prevented from eating an entire tub of cherry tomatoes in one sitting. Oooookay. A few weeks ago, the girls informed me (and by informed, I mean whined loudly and most annoyingly over dinner) that they don’t like baked potatoes. Or mashed potatoes. Or potatoes in any form. My children who would gorge themselves on their potatoes before eating anything else. Insert inflated mama-sigh here. And then a few weeks before that, these same “predictable” eaters refused to eat macaroni (said repulsion does not apply to mac&cheese, mind you). Oh no, now they’ll only eat spaghetti. The better to splatter sauce all over the place, of course.

I’m really hoping this is a phase. I don’t mind the idea of cutting back on carbs and starches and unhealthy, filling foods. But a mama’s gotta have some sort of fall back for those rainy nights when she needs an easy dinner. On the other hand, maybe the pod-people who have taken over my children will take away their sweet tooth (teeth?) next. Now that I could live with!


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One Response to “Who are these little people? And what have they done with my children?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I remember these days. Hated it when food tastes mysteriously changed. My daughter loved PB & J until she went to school and her friend was allergic to peanut butter. E decided she was allergic too. SOOO frustrating! Now, I think she doesn’t like peanut butter just to make me crazy.

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