Toasty, yes, but not hellish.

I was starting to think I’d made a mistake.

My friend Corrie had convinced me to try a hot yoga class that she used to attend. It was a new year, darn it, and she was going to start again. It was very casual, she assured me. A woman who was neighbors with her doctor ran a yoga class out of her garage three nights a week. And not just any yoga – hot yoga. I didn’t pay much attention to that part until I started telling people what I was up to.

“Hot yoga? Yikes. Let me know how that goes.”

“Ohgod. Good luck with that!”

“…..” That was the jaw of several other non-commentators hitting the floor. Kinda like they almost wanted to throw up. Which, coincidentally, was how I was starting to feel now that the consensus was starting to be that I was going to keel over and die.

Thank god I had Corrie to reassure me. “Don’t worry. It’ll get better. It’s intense at first – I threw up my first time.”

By this point I was having serious reservations, but the thought of getting out of the house and passing out hanging out with grown-ups once a week sounded good enough to me. Also? Time spent with my partner-in-crime is never wasted.

So, off we went. The instructor – whose name I’ve forgotten, but who seemed really nice and peppy, just like half the class I went to school with at Holy Cross – greeted another girl (really – girl; as in, maybe 17ish) who was starting yoga that night. I was all, “Oh! Yay! Me, too!” and the instructor told us to take a time out any time we needed, not to worry if we couldn’t keep up or match the poses exactly – we’d get the hang of it. I barely bit back that I was planning on faking it if I had no idea what I was doing – that fallback position had helped me through plenty of other jams in my life. But I’d try just to glance around me to see what everyone else was writing on their quiz…er, or how they were contorting their bodies.

And then we started. I did so flippin’ much better than I thought I would. I think part of it was that my imagination had distorted my expectations so much that there was no way I’d fail that badly; part of it was that Jillian’s 30-day Shred had prepared me to some degree. I wasn’t the skinniest or the bendiest or the girl with the most stamina, but I held my own. Only one did I feel like maybe I might throw up if I didn’t throttle it back. I took a sip of water and sat down on my mat. I noticed a few others (the class was packed – there were maybe 12 of us in there) had sat down as well. But then they moved into a bendy twisty tree thing and I know I can bend my leg like that…I wanted to see if I could do the rest of it too. Turns out I can.

So my curiosity, my need to prove myself, and my inner rockstar carried me through the evening. It was amazing, to tell you the truth. The incredibly intense heat might be a problem in summer when it’s already 140 in the garage, but I tolerated it fairly easily. Thanks to everyone who built this horrible picture in my head beforehand! Heh. Honestly, the entire experience was amazing. It was the most interesting  together/alone feeling. I was conscious of everyone around me most of the time, but you spend the entire 90 minutes inside your head, focusing on your body and forcing the stress out and away.

A pretty cool way to spend an evening if you ask me. Having a friend to hold you accountable, to drag and be dragged by, well that not only makes it more fun and more likely that I’ll return, but increases the odds of some off-the-wall adventures along the way.


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One Response to “Toasty, yes, but not hellish.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are such a rockstar!!

    And, I am so jealous! I really want to take a hot yoga class, but can’t find one that works with my schedule. Plus, having someone to make me go would be so much better. This I will start searching again since I hate being jealous.

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