On your mark, get set…race!

This weekend the girls took part in their first race. Our neighboring little city where we spend most of our time (and, quite frankly, most of our money, too. Heh.) was hosting a 5K for ladies only and a 1-mile Fun Run for all the kiddos. I swear that we didn’t sign up just because of the names, which are awesome beyond all imaginging: The Jiggle Butt run and the Wiggle Butt fun run. See?! When you add in the fact that proceeds went to the women and children’s shelter, it was humanly un-possible to say no. Then Corrie, my partner-in-crime from across the street, went and made it even awesomer: she suggested we stuff the girls’ pants with stuffing to give them some righteous booty to jiggle and wiggle. Best. Idea. Ever.

I cannot count the number of times Gracie stuck out her thang and started shaking it (to which we alllllway started singing, “Shake it, shake it, shake it, girl / Make sure you don’t break it, girl!”). Bee like spanking hers. I’m blaming Just Dance for all these new moves. Ahem.

You have to admit: Bee’s new booty does make for a nice shelf to help Auntie Kim hold on! I don’t think Corrie, Kim or I stopped laughing over the booty-butts the entire way into the athletic center.

Here’s a shot of Bee chugging down the first stretch! Our strategy was completely unplanned, but utterly brilliant for all that: Auntie Kim started out with speed-demon Gracie. Bee and I were running somewhere behind them. Corrie started out with her two, J. and little N., but J. quickly caught up with me and B. Our group kept up the pace pretty well until Bee got a stitch in her side, so J. buzzed ahead and caught up with Kim and Gracie. Bee found her second wind, we whipped around (and, um, cut over the grass, shaving off 1/8 of a mile) and caught up with Auntie Kim. I spelled her and took the big girls (that would be Gracie and J.) sprinting down the last half of the race. And I had to really run to keep up with them! It’s true: children are inexhaustable. That and I think Gracie is going to be a runner when she grows up. Her pace and posture made her look like a natural.

Look! There’s Gracie starting down the stretch, and you can just make out Auntie Kim and J. in the back. This is just before Bee and I cut over the median. Totally her idea.

You can’t tell at all that J. and N. are sisters, can you? Heh. Also: N. cheats. I hope Corrie got a nice shoulder massage from the husband.

Everyone in the crowd and the volunteers and the police and paramedics on hand were terriffic about cheering the kids (and, um, grown-ups) on to the finish line! The big girls and I were the first across from our little group. Then Auntie Kim and Bee chased us down. Kim said that when Bee realized everyone was cheering for her, she started waving to the crowd like she was a celebrity.

Everyone was a winner. Smiles, medals, and booties out to there, the only logical way to cap off such a fun morning was to go have pancakes. And bacon. Mmmm….bacon. The girls and I had such a good time; I can’t wait to do it again.


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3 Responses to “On your mark, get set…race!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Awesome!!! And I love the name of the run. Even I would have participated in that – especially for such a great cause.

  2. Mary Says:

    Jiggle & Wiggle: LOVE IT! Aren’t kids so funny when they realize they’re getting attention! Sounds like a great time!

  3. burghbaby Says:

    That. Is. FANTASTIC.

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