It’s because I made that joke about the bail money, isn’t it?

It’s been an interesting week. It always is with Kim here, but…well, just wait. This is one we’re going to bring up on all future trips as a, “Hey, remember that time…?” And as I’m sure Kim will point out, it’s all because of me and the mocking.

Isn’t it always?

This time, the mocking happened as I was trying to distract myself from the lung-squeezing Plague: Surprise Bonus Round. My chiropractor is also licensed in family medicine, and so while I was there on Wednesday begging him for some drugs to clear up The Plague:Bonus Round so my sister and I could enjoy my visit (and so I could maybe not kill SheWhoIsAllergicToAllMedications), everyone was giving me a hard time. Now, folks, I am one of those people who enjoys being teased. I think that if you take the time to tease me – and I reciprocate the jolly good fun – it means you must really like me because otherwise WHY BOTHER? Right? Right! So I teased my new medical friends right back that they had to fix me because this Plague was all that was standing between me and my sister, a whole bunch of fun, and the need for bail money. (You know – from all the fun.) Quite the hilarious person am I.

Flash forward a few days. No, wait – not even a few days. Twenty-four hours. WE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT AN ENTIRE DAY BEFORE DISASTER STRUCK. Stupid mocking. Kim and I are driving back from a delicious meal of Irish Nachoes and were headed to the grocery store when our youngest sister called to say Kim’s car had been repossessed. Exactly! I heard Rhi being all “Blaaaah!” to me as she blurted it out, but knowing how on top of things Kim is, I was all, “Oh. Hunh,” and passed the phone to Kim like it was no big deal. Because – really! There was NO possible way this wasn’t just all jacked up and wrong.

Two hours of phone calls, mild freaking out, fact-checking, and gnashing of teeth later, Kim confirmed that yes, Chase had just simply entered the wrong data into her loan account. They were all “whoopsie!” about it. But still – Kim is in Tejas for three weeks. Allllllllll of her records and account information, insurance info,  and, you know, her accidentally repossessed car were in Connecticut. Which, eventually, we all sorted out because we’re awesome like that. But still!

Leave it to us. Leave it to us to have this sort of monumental disaster since the temps are in the 70s and we’re not getting snowed in, or having flights delayed, or luggage lost or any of that sort of fun. Even so – I don’t expect to give up the mocking any time soon.


2 Responses to “It’s because I made that joke about the bail money, isn’t it?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Yikes!! Just how does a bank screw up that badly?

  2. Mary Says:

    I think they should give her a few months of no payments. 🙂

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