Casa de Katie’s Gratitude List, 2011 edition.

Last night’s Family Advent activity was to write a gratitude list. When Gracie read the paper out loud, Bee sorta groaned and complained that she didn’t want to do that. “Okay,” I said: because, really, forcing someone to feel grateful isn’t really the point, is it? Plus, it was late, I had already made two pans of fudge to go in the teachers’ tins for Friday and I was tired. I wasn’t really feeling the forced family fun; who cared if we skipped an event? The Holiday Police? Exactly.

Instead we read some Christmas stories, including our new book for this year: Llama Llama Holiday Drama (yes, I was feeling rather thematic). When we were finished and I had suggested crawling into bed, Bee was suddenly interested in making this Gratitude List of which she had previously snubbed her nose. So we did.

Gratitude List, 2011

  • I’m thank-you for that we all put up the Christmas tree and I put up the angel on top. ~ Bee.
  • I’m thankful for God and our food. ~Gracie
  • I’m thankful that we are all healthy. ~Mom
    (Bee: But you have to take medicine!
    Me: But we’re not getting into car accidents or staying in the hospital.)
  • I’m thank-you that we baked cookies! ~Bee
  • I’m thankful for our family! ~Gracie
  • I’m thankful that we all like to read and learn new things. ~Mom
  • I’m thank-you that we have a safe home. ~Bee
    (Gracie: Or else we would be out in the street with cardboard boxes and we would only have pillows and blankets and eat garbage.)
  • I’m thankful for our school, or else we would not learn and not know stuff like multiplication. And math and science. ~Gracie
  • I’m thankful that even though we sometimes lose our tempers, we still know how to laugh together. ~Mom
  • I’m thank-you that we have a beautiful tree! ~Bee
  • I’m thankful for clothes and animals and life and plants and presents. ~Gracie
    (Gracie: Did you write all that? WRITE ALL THAT!
    Me: I did!
    Gracie: You didn’t write “and Christmas. WRITE IT!
    Me: Okay!)
  • I’m thankful that we stop and count our blessings from time to time. ~Mom
    (Bee: I don’t!
    Me: You just did!
    Bee: Oh.)

So there you have it, folks. Who couldn’t be thankful for all that??


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4 Responses to “Casa de Katie’s Gratitude List, 2011 edition.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am “thank-you” that I am able to count you among my friends. Merry Christmas!

  2. Agent torklepants Says:

    See! Gracie totally still believes! If she didn’t she wouldn’t have been so pushy about what she mightve thought was an official record of gratitude being sent to Santa. Like the wish lists. :0) do you think bee might try to use this as an excuse to stay up a little longer lol? Instead of it being “just 1 more book” it’ll be “but I have to tell you what I’m grateful for!!!” =o)

  3. Agent torklepants Says:

    I am thank you that you’re going to be so nice when I ask for a master list of what gift goes to who from who this weekend bc I lost that info in my brain over the course of llama llama it’s a frigging shoe store! Drama and also finals :0D

  4. Gayle Says:

    I love it! Your advent activities are the best!

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