Who’s a pretty turkey?

Bee came home from school over the weekend with an interesting homework assignment. Once that made me want to give her teacher a big ol’ smooch on the lips, if I’m being honest. In lieu of homework the week before Thanksgiving break, she was sending home a Family Turkey Project. She invited family members of each kindergartener to help her (or him) color and decorate the turkey. She asked us to be as creative as we could and to use any decorations we wanted.

The project could not have worked out better. The turkey was printed out in two pieces of paper that I would need to cut out and glue together. I let Bee and Gracie each color one sheet while I cleaned up after dinners. That took two nights believe it or not, because the first night was shut down rather early when they couldn’t share the markers nicely. On the third night, I cut out Mr. Turkey and let Bee glue him together. Then I pulled out my scrap drawer full of fancypants scrapbook paper and Bee and Gracie helped me choose some to decorate Mr. Turkey’s feathers. Finally, while Bee (liberally) applied glitter glue – for how can a turkey feel dressed without glitter?! – Gracie and I went searching for the Very Safe Place where I put our googley eyes. 15 minutes and for hidey places later, I called ollie ollie oxen free and out they jumped.

Ta da! Now say it with me now: Who’s a pretty turkey??


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3 Responses to “Who’s a pretty turkey?”

  1. Agent torklepants Says:

    Aaaaaand friedrich is jealous 🙂

  2. burghbaby Says:

    He (or she–I don’t really know how to determine the gender of a turkey) is amazing!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Beautiful err handsome! And, what a great way to spend 3 nights as a family.

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