Jars full of sanity: redeemed.

Remember oh so long ago when I was trying to figure out how to trick bribe encourage the girlies into good behavior? Well, I can testify that the reward jars definitely worked. Instead of cashing in their marbles for a small prize, or a medium prize, Gracie and Bee both chose to patiently wait and earn enough marbles for a HUGE prize. This weekend – nearly a year later – they finally hit the top line of their jars and were able to cash them in for a toy of their choice.

Gracie quickly implemented her natural born supahpowers of thinking around corners and asked  if she didn’t choose a big prize, could she choose more than one? She has had her eye on the Spy Kids gear that is out. If I’ve heard about those toys once, I’ve heard about them a gazillion times. In fact, she had been so studious in her appreciation of said spy gear that she knew that most of them wouldn’t break the bank…on their own, that is. But then Gracie quickly followed up with a question that proved she is still working out a few kinks in those superpowers and asked if she could get allll the spy gear stuff. Ummm – no. But she could spend $40 on spy gear. Hey, look – a reward for a year’s worth of good behavior, a quiet afternoon while she plays with her reward, AND a math lesson! I win at parenting!

Bee wasn’t quite as devious. She had her heart set on a car she had spotted the week before while we were traipsing the aisles. It was marketed for Our Generation dolls, which the girls think are really American Girl dolls. My stisters will have a fit if they think about their colonial dolls riding in a car, but whatevs. Bee was trippin’ over the moon, she was so happy. She had that thousand watt smile, she was skipping around, she was even listening to me, she was so excited. So, naturally, I was scared to death that the car would be out of my reward-price-range.

God, I love when things work out. Gracie spent fifteen entire minutes choosing which of the spy gear sets she wanted before settling on the night vision goggles and the bionic ear (with which you can listen through walls, doors, etc). I was pleased with her choices because I happened to know they really worked and was thinking of all the things I could eavesdrop on….until my stister Rhi pointed out that I am totally going to wake up one night and see Gracie looming over me in her night-vision goggles. Crap.  And Bee’s car was even cheaper than Gracie’s spy budget. Not much, but enough to make everyone happy.

It’s a little extravagant, yes, and it’s awfully close to Christmas to be buying big toy purchases for the kids, but not having to hear “Mom, I’m bored!” even once all Saturday afternoon and evening? That, my friends, is priceless!


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2 Responses to “Jars full of sanity: redeemed.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How fun! I love the car and I bet those colonial dolls are having a blast. The spy gear stuff is so much fun. We have a bunch of it at our house. I am forever triggering alarms when I walk around corners. A quiet Saturday – definitely worth every penny.

  2. Agent torklepants Says:

    Tell bee she should now use her new jeepyjeepy to go to the store & get those dolls some clothes! And maybe bring kit to the doctor, her hip looks dislocated ;0)

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