The start of another season.

Whereas New England has already been whomped with its first big snowstorm of the season (and, yes, Kim was traveling) and my sisters have yet to get their electricity back a week later, fall and winter are just beginning to show their faces around here.

It’s been dipping into the 40s at night this past week, but it’s been warm enough that  t-shirt and yoga pants are usually enough to keep us warm inside our houses. But last night, oh last night it made it down to 37 glorious degrees. The weather people were talking freeze warnings, and I tried esplaining to them that water doesn’t freeze until it hits 32°, but something about the TVs sound only working one way or whatever. It wouldn’t have mattered – I’ve learned since moving to hell Tejas that there are two kinds of freeze warnings: your average Freeze Warning, which we northerners would call a frost warning, and then a Hard Freeze Warning, which means to cover yer dang pipes, for those who live where it is 110° six months of the year do not know about wintering homes.

Ahem. But I was saying that we’ve had our week of Fall and now winter is starting to peek in the windows. Last night the heat turned on for the first time and I had to worry all morning about whether that was a “normal” burning smell, or whether my attic and heating unit were going up in flames. I had to pull out the afghans Grandma made the girls from where they had been wedged between Bee’s bed and the wall and scrunched at the bottom of Gracie’s upper bunk. I even had to dig out the girls’ fleece winter pajamas because 37° is a wee nippy when it was 65° the night before. That’s when I realized that Gracie had indeed grown several inches (and an entire size) over the course of the year. All of her fleecy pajamas were three-sizes too small….wait, nope. My bad. That’s the Grinch. Check that – one-and-a-half sizes too small. So I guess we’re stopping at Target tonight so my baby’s shins and ankles can be warm tonight in something other than fleece floods.

What is it with the start of this  season that just hits me in the gut? The pajamas hit me hardest – mah baybee is growing so quickly and for some reason buying jeans the next size up, and dresses in a size large for the length because MY GOD her legs go all the way up to her chin, and the fact that she is now wearing sizes they carry in the tween-helldom that is Justice – none of that affects me like having to buy new pajamas. Why is that, moms? Maybe because during the day I see glimmers of the obnoxious tweendom that is around the corner, but at night Gracie is still my baby, willing to snuggle and listen to me read out loud to her and her sister, still innocent and in need of her mama to tuck her in.

The Christmas shopping is getting harder for that one, too. Thank god for my Barbies and baby-doll lovin’ Bee-girl, because Gracie is asking for spy gear and chapter books and Legos and skateboards, really – it’s all fun, but so much more grown-uppish than Polly Pockets and doll furniture.

Don’t worry – I’m not moping. It’s impossible to mope when you get to wear your scarf for the first time (I’m thinking of starting a fire for warmth here in ThePlaceWeShan’tDiscuss) and you listen to Andrea Bocelli sing Christmas carols to you on the way to work. I’ll think about what kind of pies to bake for Thanksgiving and how I can build fires in the fireplace for lazy Sundays at home without worrying about little ones getting too close. And I bet they’re big enough for a nice, friendly, cut-your-own snowflake making contest.

Really, this winter will be filled with magic. And lots of new pajamas.


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2 Responses to “The start of another season.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I hate that feeling when my babies put on jammies that are suddenly too small. I realized the other day that girl child, who has been sleeping in her papa’s old t-shirts since she was three, can actually wear those t-shirts because they aren’t huge and floppy any more. It was such a bitter-sweet feeling.

  2. Agent torklepants Says:

    Here here! For pyjamas!

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