Do you have…The Guts???

It all started the other night when we were carving our pumpkin. Bee asked if she could help scoop the guts. Then Gracie interjected that hey, people have the guts, too. “I do, Mom. I have the guts.” Did you catch that? The Guts. Not just guts – the guts.

“Me too, Mom,” Bee insisted. “I have lots of The Guts! (Gracie, what’s The Guts?)”

“If you have The Guts,” Gracie answered, “it means you’re brave. You’re brave if you have The Guts.”

Meanwhile, I was afraid I was going to bust a gut, I was laughing so hard. Don’t worry – I didn’t correct them. Maybe in a week or two, after I grow tired of hearing them talking about bravery like it’s a contagious disease.


One Response to “Do you have…The Guts???”

  1. Kathy Says:

    It’s a Gracie & Bee pumpkin! I love it!!

    Do you have THE Guts mama? I have some of THE Guts, but maybe not as much as I need. Where can I get more?

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