If you know me, you’re not surprised.

Not much of what I did this weekend would surprise anyone who knew me.

Friday night I forced my friend across the street to abandon what she was doing (mommying) and come over for a glass of wine and to pick out my outfit for a little shindig I’m going to Tuesday night. Even less surprising than my inability to dress myself was the botched way I told her she was doing  it: “Hey, come by my girl.” Er, um, what I meant to say was, “I have no girly genes, so come be my person who knows these things.” See? Totally me.

Once we had that problem figured out, I went shopping on Saturday with my friend Jo to find some shoes (check), and some clothes for Jo (triple check), and some…jewelry for me. See, that would sound all normal except I just spent $80 on jewelry at Corrie’s jewelry party the Friday before. And I had justified it with Christmas presents and to wear to my work function. So when Corrie called to see if I was home so she could run it over? Yeah, I was at Charming Charlie’s spending more money on more jewelry. Even though my girly status is on probation and I don’t do jewelry. Gonna be hard to sell that one now. (And yet still totally true.) But I did find some killer jewelry sets to go with the outfit Jo and Corrie chose and I have the jewelry I ordered last week to go without Emergency Backup Outfit. I am such a planner, yo.

And then there was Sunday. Sunday was my Do Nothing day. So of course I ran for 15 minutes and walked two more miles. Then I cleaned up and went to Starbucks and worked on my research project while looking for a cute boy to kiss. Maybe it was become I live in Dallas Cowboysland and I was decked out in my Pats shirt and Pats flip-flops (blingy!), but I didn’t get any takers. [Aside: I need a new Starbucks. Blech.] Then I rushed home to watch the game and work on constructing Gracie’s tornado. I had the wire cage all built, so I was focused more on hotgluing the grey tulle onto it. Folks – you should never use a hot glue gun while you’re watching a game that makes you scream and run to the TV every other play. I have three, THREE, major burns on my hand, fingers, and wrist. Once, after an interception, I ran towards where I could see the TV, forgot I had the glue gun in my hand (or that the cord is as short as it is), and the glue gun whipped out of my hand and landed on the floor. Thankfully, no carpets were hurt in the process. Sigh. Still, I’ll call it a win since I was texting my brother the entire time and didn’t get ANY hot glue on my phone. Ta da!

Yep. Sadly, this is a very typical weekend at Casa de Katie. Who needs kids to keep things crazy?



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2 Responses to “If you know me, you’re not surprised.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I want to visit Casa de Katie, where life sounds fun and interesting and a lot less like my actual life. Can’t wait to see the tornado.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Whats going on with Bee’s costume? She told me on the phone she was now being a Vampire, not Tinkerbell. And she giggled in a sort of “plotting” way when i suggested she be Vampire-Tinker Bell (good luck with that! =0D)
    And which/what dress did you go with? Pictures please!

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