Five Things I Love About Running.

I did it (again, really, since I already did this C25K thing once already) – I conquered my week of 12:00 of running. To celebrate my badass self (ha!), I give you Five Things I Love About Running. (Otherwise entitled, It’s Friday And I’m Too Tired To Be Creative. DEAL.)

  1. Being pissed off helps. My pace is better, my endurance is better, songs song groovier floating through my earbuds if I’m just a little upset at someone or something. It’s gotten to the point that when I am really stressed at ThePlaceWeShallNotDiscuss, I get a little annoyed if it’s not a running day. Running saps everything out of me, including all that icky stress. Win!
  2. Those crazywacky thoughts that inevitably happen. Sometimes it’s further along in the run, sometimes it’s almost right outta the gate. But at some point the exhaustion takes over and the silliest thoughts fly through my head – like the time last winter when I was marveling over how hot I was, and thought if we could only make our houses run with us, we could save SO MUCH on our heating bills. Yeah – see?
  3. The point when I reach the top of the massive hill slight incline on one side of my loop and everything seems so! much! easier! for a good while. Sometimes you’re just so flippin’ thankful for the little things that you stop feeling all outta breath and exhausted for awhile.
  4. I love when a kickass song comes on and I just can’t help dancing down the sidewalk while I’m running. Yes, I look crazy. But do I care? No way! Everyone should be as confident and as full of fun as I am. When I’m running, I rock. Betcha booty.
  5. I feel so. frickin. PROUD of myself every time I finish. I did something for me. Myself. And I DID it. I didn’t procrastinate. I didn’t justify sitting on the couch or running errands or doing something else. I ran. I took control, did something I didn’t wanna do – something I used to think I couldn’t do – and I did it. Taking action is pretty intoxicating. And so is running. I? am all kindsa awesome.

Not a bad feeling to head into the weekend with, is it?


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One Response to “Five Things I Love About Running.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are totally awesome. And – those are all the reasons I continue my love / hate relationship with my elliptical.

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