Tales from Vacationland: Walking on the wild side.

Yes, I know our vacation was all the way back in August – a very long time ago indeed. But I was thinking, still, maybe – if we’re very, very lucky – my sister’s cat has by now recovered from my two girl children trying to love him to death. Gracie and Bee adore cats. They love all animals, but I think because they only have three dogs, they feel deprived for they do not own a cat. To make up for this slight, the girls planned and plotted their way through the air as we flew back to New England. They argued over who could pet Friedrich first, with whom he would sleep each night, who could feed him first, etc., etc., until I declared that Friedrich was, in fact, Switzerland. And was promptly met with blank stares for about five seconds before it started up again.

Naturally, after all of that careful dividing of affection on the girls part, Friedrich took one look at All! of! that! Movement! and Shrieking! and freaked the heck out. He planned and plotted his hiding places with the same fervor and thoroughness that the girls had planned their pet-a-palooza. That’s where Auntie Kim stepped in to trick the pretty kitty, or, should I say, bribe him.

Friedrich loves to go for walks. Yes, walks. Like, on a leash. (Shh – don’t tell him he’s a cat. He thinks he’s a mighty tiger….um, with a leash.) Auntie Kim knew that if the girls were to offer Friedrich his leash, he couldn’t help but be a nice, obedient, “normal” kitty for a little while and bond with the girls.


Yes, I know the quality of the pics isn’t that great: apparently my camera forgot it has a nighttime setting. But how could I not take pictures of something Bee and Gracie had talked about for weeks?

Here Friedrich is saying: “Shhh – do you smell something?”

This is half of Kim’s giant backyard that leads into the portal to Stephen King’s backyard scary, scary woods. We did not see (or hear) any of those messed up ROUSs (fine – fisher cats), but we did hear some deer crashing about in the woods. We thought they might come out and walk through the backyard, something they do on a regular basis, but we were outta luck. Bee thinks it’s because we had our mighty, mighty cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-tiger with us. The deer, Bee says, think he’s scawy.

So what does Bee decide to do? Go find the deer on her own. (Well, on her own with Auntie Kim.) The Brave One left Friedrich with Gracie and I and the two Twisted Sisters took off into the woods. Yes, I actually said out loud to them not to touch any glowing trees or travel to another world without me. (It’s a Rule.) Luckily, the emerged unscathed, ready to adventure another day.

I don’t think Friedrich ever really relaxed until the girls were gone (and Auntie Kim returned), but he at least let himself be petted every now and then after our walk. He was totally just saving up his points, hoping to trade them in for another adventure, but I don’t think anyone minded.


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2 Responses to “Tales from Vacationland: Walking on the wild side.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How cool! We want our floppy cat to be a leash cat, but when you put on his leash is just flops on his side. Of course, he does that all the time so I don’t think it is the leash.

    Love that Bee was brave enough to go into the woods. You didn’t tell her about the ROUSs did you?

  2. Kim Says:

    Oh, Friedrich is *totally* a Ghostbusters fan. Except he maybe rolls his eyes at me when I watch I & II back to back twice in the same weekend…

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