Welcome to a world full of adventures.

Gracie finished reading The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner last night. I was so excited for her to read it and she was so reluctant that I even offered up a $5 bill as a bookmark. Not only was it money wellspent (hooray for encouraging reading!), the bribe was entirely unnecessary by the time the children escaped the mean baker and found the boxcar. As I knew it would be.

I loved adventure stories growing up. Survival stories are still one of my sister and I’s favorite categories within fiction. We would play outside for days, continuing the same storylines in our pretend play, living off mint and blueberries and any other “edible” weeds that we could stew in pails of water and…gunk. As we found other stories – Island of the Blue Dolphins, My Side of the Mountain, and so many others, it made us believe all the more that we, too, could survive if we really needed to. There isn’t a summer in my childhood that I can think of where we weren’t consumed with some type of survival-play. Even when we were in our Barbie phase, our Barbies were stranded in the wilderness and had to survive.

So, for me, watching my Gracie-girl get hooked on those same sorts of stories ignites a fire from long ago. The kind of fire that will prompt me to unearth my old slingshot my mom saved from all of those years ago (and really hope she doesn’t kill herself). The kind that will make goodness knows how many trips to the library or to Half-Price Books like my mother ran me to Spag’s so many times to get the next book. The kind that waits impatiently for Bee to want to sit still long enough to listen to chapter books.

There is nothing – NOTHING – better in parenting than sharing a love for stories with your children.


2 Responses to “Welcome to a world full of adventures.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Ooooohhh! It might be time to send her the Dr. Quinn/Wilderness kit for her American Girl Doll!!

    (What’s that you say? AG doesn’t love make sets meant for fancy dolls to live off the wild? Pssh – wait til she opens this care package!)

  2. Kathy Says:

    Can Auntie Kim adopt me? I want super cool care packages.

    Love that she is enjoying the Boxcar Children. I remember sitting with my mom and my brother squished on the loveseat as my mom read us those books. I loved them, but I couldn’t get either of my children to listen long enough to get hooked. 😦 Thankfully they have each found their own books to love.

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