And I think I’ll stop looking.

No, not for the cupcakes: everyone will be happy to hear I found those. You know, after I pulled apart half my closet, went to my doctor’s appointment, and then saw my sister’s comment about where they were stashed. Of course, the downside was that I was so pitifully sick with The Plague that I couldn’t muster up any appetite. So instead I’ve brought them to work as a reward for making it all the way out of bed and across the city. In other words, we’ll see how long I hold out today.

No, my ‘not looking’ is more about how helpful my darling childrens are when I’m not feeling my best. Gracie, in particular, kept asking what she could do to help me. There wasn’t much – I don’t make much of a mess just lounging on the couch all day and the girls had spent dinner with their dad. But there was a dishwasher full of clean dishes to put away. Gracie started putting away the dishes she could reach – the tupperware, pans, and doo-dads – and stacked neatly on the counter all of the dishes that needed to be put away in the upper cabinets. Bee, on the other hand, was feeling left out because there really isn’t enough space for two people to move around next to the dishwasher. So I put Bee in charge of putting the silverware away. And this is what I found last night when I went looking for a spoon to stir my hot apple cider:

I’m not looking in the rest of my cabinets.


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3 Responses to “And I think I’ll stop looking.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Awww! At least they wanted to help. 🙂 Besides, you will have to use all that stuff eventually, it will get washed and you will get to put it back where it belongs.

    Feel better. I am fighting this crud with all I’ve got.

  2. burghbaby Says:

    I’ll send Alexis over to teach her. She’s got the silverware thing down pat.

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    what is with this chick and silverware? lol Remember when she made me pretend soup & i asked for a spoon & she spent an eternity in her toy chest looking for one and then finally, she just brought me a giant shovel? and then i looked in the toy chest later and there were a million-billion play spoons? lmao =0] maybe we should make her collect them like grandma!!!!

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