Because I need this list today.

Things that make me happy:

  1. Weezer’s Blue album. They sang me all the way into work this morning (…as soon as I kicked my Kidz Bop crowd out of the car, that is).
  2. Being able to say “Yes” to some crazy, yet wonderful-to-them request from the girlies. This morning it was, “Can we just stay in the car until my favorite line in this son, Mom?” Seeing as it was Kidz Bop’s rendition of Forget You, you can see the crazy-making. But 30 seconds made the girls ridiculously happy.
  3. Soft tissues. Who knows if this is allergies, the start of a cold, both or what. But I feel like I got hit by a truck. Thankfully, that truck sometimes comes with bumpers that feel an awful lot like extremely soft tissues.
  4. Teeeeeea, Grommit. I finished my sister’s Awake tea yesterday. I have a feeling today will heavily feature Irish Breakfast Tea. My throat feels happy already!
  5. Exotic coffee brought to me by my trip-taking friends. And, okay, caffeine in general.
  6. My crazy-ass thoughts I get while I’m running. Last night I acted like a mostly-normal person almost all the way through my run. I was pushing myself hard because I was sort of supah-stressed, so I thought I just pushed straight through the delirium. But then on my last lap I accidentally stepped on a giant beetle (there were several lying dead on my route – what up with that, Beetles? Why keel over and die now that it’s a normal temp and not 100&fryyourbacksideoff outside?). Anyway, I was congratulating myself on missing all the dead giant beetles, when I heard a ker-splat! from under my sneaker. I immediately thought There’s a reason I try to miss those suckers. Because I like wearing my shoes all the way to my bedroom and into the walk-in closet so I can just kick them off and not, you know, have to bend over or anything. But now I have beetle-guts all over my shoe and if I walk on the carpet – my beige-flecky carpet – I might not know what all of those specks are. See? Crazy. But my kind of crazy makes me happy.
  7. Anonymous coffee. Sure wish I had some this morning.
  8. Running to Queen, Weezer, SexyBack, Tom Petty, and OK Go.
  9. Ooh! Remembering I have Mayan Hottie cookies in the freezer. Sisters are awesome, yo.
  10. Any and all videos featuring OK Go and The Muppets. I mean, really. It’s the very definition of Happy! Really. If you haven’t seen the other OK Go videos, you need to go see them here, here, and here. (And then you’ll understand why I sometimes throw my arms out like that when Here It Goes Again comes on while I’m running.)





One Response to “Because I need this list today.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love this list and the videos. I really want the mad walking skillz they use in Here It Goes Again.

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