As always, my timing is impeccable.

Last weekend, after “stealing” the suggestion from Renee and Heather over at Raising Boys World (which I found by way of Firemom over at Stop, Drop, and Blog), I decided to bake a bunch of cookies for our local firefighters. This year is the first year in recent memory that I’ve had the girls on 9/11. I knew I planned to read the 9/11 book I’d bought (the graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Report) and I planned to watch the coverage and I would certainly spend the day remembering and mourning, but…I wanted to do something. Something with the girls that would include 9/11 without having to really explain it to them. I don’t think I’m quite ready to spring all of that on them, although I had resolved to answer straight any question they asked.

So. Cookies! Cookies are an excellent way to thank you. A small token, yes, but I hear it’s a much appreciated one around the fire house. So, Saturday Bee and Gracie and I baked literally dozens of cookies. Chocolate Chip and Mayan Hotties and Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. We filled containers and made a pretty platter and while we were finishing up, I explained that on Sunday when we were delivered the cookies, the girls should tell the firefighters “Thank you for keeping us safe.” Simple. True. And something that would have a much different meaning for the grown-ups than it would for the kiddos. Firefighters (and all first responders) keep us safe. It’s a concept every child has mastered by the time he or she is five. It wasn’t a new concept for my girls. But years from now, when they’ve learned about 9/11 and what it means to our country, I want them to be able to look back and connect the dots. I want Bee and Gracie to understand that saying thank you on 9/11 meant enough to me that I found a way to include them, but at a level that’s right for our family.

So the girls practiced what they would say when we got to the firestation and we had a plan and then….Gracie caught the stomach bug going around and was the Puke Monster all day Sunday. Yeah, so not bringing that to the fire station. “Thanks for keeping us safe, oh, and never mind that smell. Or the kid throwing up behind us.” Yeah, okay. Instead, we waited until Monday right after work. I ran in to pick up the containers and the platter and we drove over to our local station near the park. We found a parking spot, walked up to the door, the girls practiced again what they would say and…then just as the fireman opened the door, the alarm went off.

Of course.

The girls said quick “thank yous” and I handed over the cookies with a “Okay, go keep someone else safe now.” The poor guy felt bad, but the girls didn’t. They thought it was pretty hardcore to see all the action. And when we walked outside back to car, when the door rolled up, all of the firefighters yelled thank you. I thought that was pretty cool. (Hey, some of them were pretty hott!) The girls were more impressed that they got to see the truck zip out with full sirens and lights. Not something you get to see close up everyday.

It wasn’t quite what I had pictured – in fact, I literally didn’t get a single picture. But maybe that’s the point. Sometimes a thank you is just a simple, (mostly) anonymous thank you. …Or maybe we can just have a do-over with the station down the street on the other side of our house.


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2 Responses to “As always, my timing is impeccable.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I think it is so cool that you did something for your local first responders and I am sure those cookies were appreciated when they returned from their call. The girls will definitely remember that thank you and in the future will understand what it really means.

  2. burghbaby Says:

    I think you need to lather, rinse, and repeat the mission until you are in possession of a hot fire fighter’s phone number.

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