That’s…not a lunchbox.

There are few things in life my girl-children love more than shoe-shopping. I don’t really know where they get that gene (cough::AuntieRhi::cough) because they surely don’t get it from me. Trust me – I can barely dress myself, forget about going out and buying things to throw about my person. Shoes are pretty and all, but they want to pay money, lots of money, for things that get you from point A to point B. (And the really pretty looking ones will kill you while you’re making it happen, too.)

But the girlies, they don’t think this way. And since, you know, the whole money-for-shoes thing doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, I took them to a BOGO sale before school started. [Which, can I just say, should really be called BOGOHO. It’s not Buy One, Get One, which sorta implies you just get it for free. It’s Buy One, Get One…Half Off. BOGOHO. I’m starting a movement.] So we went to the shoe store and found sneakers for Bee that didn’t feature clashy and trashy looking characters and yet still had velcro closures, and Gracie found some, but they didn’t have her size. A sort-of nearby store had them, though. So I stuck a pin in that thought and went to find my other child.

Bee had been running up and down the aisles with Auntie Kim and found pretttttty black slingbacks with patent shoelace bows on the toe that she Must! Have! or she would die! I didn’t think they were the perfect fit (a little big), but I needed a GOHO item to go with my BO, so I gave in. (See, this is why I shouldn’t have a drink with lunch.) We trekked to the other store to get Gracie’s sneakers and a pair of hideous beautimous shoes in leopard-skin fur with a red bow on the toe that she Must! Have! or she would die. Those were definitely HO shoes and, hey, also bribery to re-teach Gracie how to tie her shoelaces. Score.

Now, fastforward all the way to this past Sunday. Bee absolutely HAD to wear her new shoes. She spent thirty minutes picking out a church dress to wear with them. She had her shoes on ages before Grandma picked her up. And then she’d take them off to stare at the pretty. And then put them on. And then they were off because hey! pretty! And then she decided they hurt her feet. So I found band-aids to put over the spot where they were, in fact, really rubbing. I called it good. She was happy. Off she went to church. And then home she came three hours later with her pretty shoes in her hand. She threw them on the carpet as soon as she walked in and deadpanned: “I am never wearing those. shoes. again.” Oooookay.

All of that is to show you what I found last night as I prepared to make lunches and doublecheck homework:

Me: “Uh, Bee? What is this?”

Bee: “…My shoes.”

Me: “Yeah. Um, why?”

Bee, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world: “I needed to show my friends.”

Parenting – it’s everything you’ve ever heard with less money and more shoes.


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3 Responses to “That’s…not a lunchbox.”

  1. burghbaby Says:

    I always think of BOGOHO as “Not even 25% off everything in the store” because realizing I’m really only get 25% off (at best–you only get that if the shoes are both the same price) makes me a little twitchy and annoyed about all the deception with that BOGO thing. Heh.

    Alexis would totally take terribly uncomfortable shoes to school to show her friends. In a heartbeat.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I love BOGOHO! It is a better description of what is really going on. 🙂 And I believe girl E had the same HO shoes at one point in time. Now she is on a quest for flip flops you can wear in a Michigan winter. Yeah – that’s what I said.

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    First- Anyone complaining about BOGO isnt allowed to ask if it is BOGO and then complain when the really nice and super hott sales lady says that no it is not, and no she cannot just make it BOGO for you because you tried to get there when it was but couldn’t.
    Second- You know those leopard print shoes come in women sizes too =0] if you wanted to be twinzies. And hey- remember those multi-colored oxfords you had in high school that mom let me get the same. exact. pair (ugh i was SO cool!) and you were FURIOUS!!! =0] heheh. good times!

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