The best record I’ll have all season.

So in the chaos that was yesterday, I forgot to post about the opening of football season. Not that I forgot, or anything. I was all. over. the NFL and SI Web sites all day. It’s just that I never thought of posting about it. Because I’m an idiot who was fixated on the fact that I’d forgotten to bring the pics of my sister and I turning into gambling addicts and couldn’t move beyond the loss. Or something.


I was very excited to have my football back. Not any more excited because of all the contract scariness that went on this summer, but just my usual 10! on my excitement scale of 1-10. Apparently, so were the girls. I hadn’t talked up the opening game because in my (feeble) mind, I thought the game started right after bedtime. I am a seasoned mom, yo, who knows better than to tease them with something they can’t enjoy. For all they knew, football was starting on Sunday, baby! Alas. Gracie and Bee came home from their dad’s house full of exclamation marks. Football! Football was starting!! And could they watch it?! They very much wanted to watch it! And eat stuff! WHILE watching it! And “it” was FOOTBALL! Did I know?!

Yeah, being a responsible mom sucks. When I pointed out that the game started just after the wee little ones were supposed to be in bed, they actually started CRYING. Tears – real, very wet and noisy tears! – started falling. I was ruining their lives! And couldn’t they just watch a little bit?! And they promised they wouldn’t even be grouchy the next day! I didn’t know whether to be exasperated or proud.

So, yeah, I kind of said yes, they could watch a little bit if they got their pajamas on and were frickin heavenly saints or something. That’s when I turned on the pre-game show and realized that the kickoff was actually a half-hour before bedtime, but I never told them that. And my sweet little clockwatchers, the ones who learned to read a digital clock well before they knew their own names just so they couldn’t be hoodwinked a single minute out of awake-time, well, they sort of didn’t even notice. They thought they were staying up late. How cool am I?!  Of course, then I had to work very hard to keep those cool points because I had picked the Cheeseheads to win and the girls didn’t understand why I kept cheering when Green Bay made a play. I had to keep pretending I thought it was the other team. I got a lot of confused looks from Gracie; I think she was catching on to me and my sneaky ways.

Still! It was a great game. I loved the back-and-forthiness of it, and even though I fell asleep somewhere before the end (damn migraine), it was worth it when Gracie so very much needed to know the score this morning that she got ready all on her own just so I could go look up the score for her. The Cheeseheads won by a touchdown. I’m 1-0 with my picks so far – a perfect record. And that’s pretty much the last time that will happen this season. Heh.

Viva la football!



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