Each time it gets funnier and funnier.

It all started with the time Kim forgot her favorite sock, and then the Sock Bandit demanded ransom for its safe return.

Then Kim tried to be all clever the next time and bragged (with pictures!) that she had all of her socks and all of her earrings. Except she forgot her favorite scarf.

Then there was the time that she forgot her socks, but smuggled my pajama pants as collateral. (Smart girl.)

This time, though, I couldn’t manage more than a chuckle. Hey – even my humor has limits. Because guess what she forgot?

Yes. Those would be her car keys and work keys. Thank god the Sock Scarf Key Bandit is *likethis* with the overnight delivery man.


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4 Responses to “Each time it gets funnier and funnier.”

  1. burghbaby Says:

    She’s just trying to get you to hand deliver them.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I think burghbaby has it. She left behind something really important in the hopes you would hand deliver them.

  3. Kim Says:


    ::right onto the sadcakes::

    It doesn’t even count for much that I have *your* house keys in the purse I checked for keys before leaving, does it?

  4. Kim Says:

    GOT EM!

    Now if only I could find that one sock…

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