Doot, doot, doot, looking out my back door.

Actually, I wasn’t looking out of my back door so much as I was looking out of my friend John’s back door. And, really, I wasn’t looking out of his back door so much as I was relaxing on his patio and looking out over his back yard…meh, details.

Really, it’s John’s fault that I don’t have a post ready. The IO was hanging out with John on the lake on Friday, until they moved the party to John’s back yard. I was beckoned. So, as soon as the clock hit that magic 5 o’clock number, I booked it over to John’s house, borrowed a bathing suit from his wife, and hit the hot tub with everyone else.

Do you have any idea how relaxing a drink and a hot tub is after a very long week at work?

While the three of us exchanged banter and work stories, John slowcooked some potatoes drenched in bacon grease and sea salt on the grill. Then he threw on some steak medallions wrapped in bacon. Are ya getting the picture of exactly how relaxed I was? Oh, and there was music, too. Really good tunes floating in on the radio. And then Crisanna came over, too, and we ate all of the good food and sat on patio again with our drinks and I was perfectly happy.

So happy, that I didn’t mind running around in the rain all weekend gathering supplies for Gracie’s party next Sunday. So mellow that I was only a tiny bit nervous about sitting with the Ex’s fiance for a looooooooong talk and strategery session about how to make things better. So relaxed that I forgot all about normal weekend chores (like four loads of laundry) until Sunday morning. John’s back yard is magical.

So, while I compose myself and settle in to my Monday, you should go…um…do something else, too. I will be back with lots and lots of stories and bloggy posts for you soon. In fact, if you’re looking for a place to hang out while you’re waiting, I can give you directions to John’s…

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6 Responses to “Doot, doot, doot, looking out my back door.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I think I need John’s back yard. Too bad the drive there is so long.

  2. bluzdude Says:

    Sounds like a great time. You need those every once in a while.

    Steak medallions wrapped in bacon? Great. Now whatever I have for lunch is going to pale in comparison.

  3. Gayle Says:

    Yes, thank you, please send the directions. heehee!

    Hope all went well with the strategy session.

  4. agent torklepants Says:

    mmmmm bacon. good non-post post. best non-post post ever.

  5. mrs. e Says:

    I’d take those directions! Sounds like a bit of heaven on earth– and I know you needed that! : )

  6. FireMom Says:

    Mmm, hot tub. My parents have one which they installed after my brother left for college. (They installed the in ground pool after I left for college. PARENTS.) Anyway, the hot tub is one of my favorite parts of spending a weekend on The Farm now. So relaxing!

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