The love that remains the same.

One of the perks of this whole time change thing is that it’s dark outside when we have to get up in the morning. The girls – Bee, especially – are fascinated that we’re up when it’s still dark outside. “Almost late?” Bee still asks, confused. “No, it’s just really early. The sunshine isn’t awake yet,” I remind her every morning.

When we pour ourselves and all of our accoutrements into our Zippy Red Jeep and head off to daycare, work, and the rest of our day, it’s still dark outside. I love that the sun isn’t in my eyes. Gracie loves the new routine for an entirely different reason. “Mommy, I can see the moon!” she exclaimed in rapture. And as if that wasn’t already the height of cool, “and it’s following us, Mom! It’s following us! Wow. The moon must really love me if he is following only me!”

The way she so easily gave herself over to the magical belief that the moon was there to adore and protect her made me smile (a rare treat so early in the morning). I remember riding home in the car from my aunt and uncle’s house when I was a little girl and telling my mom the same thing. I was enchanted just as my little girl is. To this day, the sight of the moon on a clear night has a calming effect on me. I feel like she is there, awake, watching out for me. My Mother Moon Goddess, as the Ya-Yas would say. It’s the kind of love and magic that lasts throughout generations, I guess.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone! May love shine down on you today and bring a smile to your face.


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4 Responses to “The love that remains the same.”

  1. Musing from Me Says:

    That’s a great moment. I am always amazed by how my children teach me to slow down…Mommy, look at this ant, clover, whatever. I would have walked on by.

  2. Se'Lah Says:

    I will say it again, children are AMAZING!

    Happy Love Thursday!

  3. Kim Says:

    I love that you’re finding ways to think positively about having to get up before dawn. And I understand Bee’s confusion…the whole dark-time but having to be awake still gets to me – in the morning AND at night! If the sun’s asleep, shouldn’t I get to be, too?

  4. Kimmie Says:

    One of my girls (just one) is always looking for the moon (and finding it) she has an attachment I guess. It gives us all (the whole family) great pleasure to have her be the moon seeker and finder among us.

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